Every Rental Car Comes With Frank's Satisfaction Guarantee - Maui's Best!

maui car rental
Our satisfaction guarantee means we'll do whatever it takes to keep you happy. While you're on vacation on Maui, we don't want you to spend even a minute worrying about your rental car! When you go with Frank, you're not just going with a car rental - you're going with the best service on Maui!
We stop at nothing and spare no expense to make sure that our Maui rental cars are every bit as safe and reliable as the one you drive back at home - if not more so! Why? Well because our reputation depends on it, that's why! If your car at home can pass our pre-rental inspection, we'll give you one free week of rental. You can take that to the bank! Our cars do not leave the lot unless they can pass the inspection.
It is rare that any of our rental cars have mechanical issues or malfunctions. We ask customers to report any possible issue immediately. In case of an issue that requires repair, we have spare cars always standing ready in reserve to replace your car with a minimum of inconvenience.

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