Maui Car Rental Quotes

How to request your Maui rental car quote:
  • By Email:
  • By Phone: 808-280-1196

  • IMPORTANT: Include this information with your request for a quote:
  • Arrival and departure date and time on Maui. Rates and availability depend on the date and duration of rental.
  • Type of vehicle (premium or economy, wagon or sedan).
  • Number of people in party.
  • Any special requirements (e.g. roof racks, child seats, etc.)
  • Name and age of primary driver and each additional driver.
  • All drivers must be age 34 or older, have valid driver license, proof of auto liability insurance, and credit card, or debit card with $200 deposit.

  • Local Time Maui
    Call during business hours! Time difference between your local time and Maui's Hawaii Standard Time (HST):
    Pacific Standard Time 12PM = HST 10AM.
    Mountain Standard Time 12PM = HST 9AM.
    Central Standard Time 12PM = HST 8AM.
    Eastern Standard Time 12PM = HST 7AM.
    Greenwich Mean Time 12:00 = HST 02:00.

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